Hi! Welcome to my website! My name is Christa. I am an OSDH certified medical micopigmentologist and Oklahoma State Instructor for Medical Micropigmentation.  My passion is all things permanent makeup.  I am also a wife to my awesome husband Drew, and have an adorable 4 year old little boy who also keeps us very busy! I have a special connection with all of my clients, and adore each and every one of them! I am very laid back, and love getting to know each and every single one of my clients. If you're a mom, businesswoman, grandmother, student, cancer survivor, or just looking to make your life easier with permanent makeup, you'll be in good hands. Even if you just don't know how to draw on your brows, have bad vision, or shaky hands, I am here to help you.  We all need a bit of extra help getting ready in the morning, and helping women feel more confident is my passion.  I am very down to earth and will make you feel right at home in my studio.  

I like to call my style of permanent makeup "natural approach permanent makeup." I specialize in soft ombre powdered brows, lip blushing, and lash enhancement, but also love doing bold brows, winged eyeliner, and bold lips. Of course, having to put on makeup everyday is a bother, but we don't want to feel unnatural looking with no makeup on.  You should never feel like you have to apply your makeup to match up to your permanent makeup.  I do love a bold brow too, so if that's your style, we can achieve that look as well.  The beauty of my techniques, is that every permanent makeup application is customized for each client.  

I have performed over 2500+ procedures and have over 500 hours of education under my belt.  I keep the mind of a student, and will always continue to learn.  Customer experience and satisfaction is the most important part of my business.  My clients range from 18-85 years of age, and we can tailor a timeless effortless look just for you.  No matter your preferred style of brow, lips, or liner, we can work together to bring your vision to life. Having your permanent makeup done is a big decision to make, and I will be sure to walk you through the entire process during booking, your appointment, and also during the healing process. Once you're a client of mine, you're a client for life! I'm excited to help you achieve the look you desire in permanent makeup.



Christa Nordquist

By Oklahoma law, anyone performing permanent makeup must obtain their Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation license, and work within a physician's office.  

Continued Education is so important when it comes to choosing your artist. Oklahoma law does not allow trainers outside of Oklahoma to visit our state to train, so as an artist, we have to travel to any advanced trainings that are held outside of Oklahoma. I only train with advanced artists from all over the world who I would personally trust to do my permanent makeup. It will always be a priority to offer only the best to my clients and students.


I am one of 13 other MEI-CHA PRO selected artists from around the world, and the only MEI-CHA PRO from Oklahoma. MEI-CHA is a highly respected company in the permanent makeup industry that has been around for over 35 years.  

Keep a lookout for an upcoming podcast I will be doing with them!

MEI-CHA PRO Team Artist

Oklahoma Certified Instructor in Medical Micropigmentation

I have traveled all over the United States to train from the best including 200+ hours of advanced training  from the absolute best in the business! I continue my education yearly! 

Oklahoma Medical Micropigmentation- 300 hours- certified by OSDH

Blood borne pathogen Safety Certification- Certified Yearly

Over 2,500+ completed procedures



Additional Education:

Licensed Esthetician- specialized in Brow shaping/waxing, skincare, & lashes. 

FIDM- Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing- Los Angeles, CA

Associate of Arts Degree

NWOSU- Oklahoma- Bachelor's Degree

Major: Business

Minor: Marketing

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