Lash enhancement is an eyeliner treatment that involves placing pigment within the lash roots but not too far above the natural lash line.  This look is a very natural look once healed.  It simply opens, and brightens the eye, bringing a subtle pop of color to the eyes, giving you an awakened appearance, while seemingly natural, like you are not even wearing makeup. This look typically is visible only when the eyes are open.  This is not a full eyeliner look.  

Bottom eyeliner tattoo is not offered by Browhaus Tulsa.  

This procedure cannot be done if you are wearing lash extensions. Lash extensions must be removed for service.  If you wear contacts, you will need to wear glasses for the first week of healing.  If you have ever used lash growth serum, you will need to discontinue use for 8 weeks before your appointment.  

If you have eyeliner or lash enhancement tattoo by another artist you must first have approval. Please send a makeup free picture of eyes open and closed via text to 918-206-8803 

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