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 L I P  B L U S H 

H E A L E D  L I P  B L U S H 

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A blushed veil of color on your lips.  This technique is soft and will help with any uneven borders while achieving a more even color throughout the lips.  Ideal for Fitzpatrick 1-3. 

Lip Blushing is a natural looking cosmetic tattoo that can last up to two years or more before needing additional touchups. 

Lip Blushing helps smooth out any uneven borders, as well as giving the lips a more even color throughout the lips.  The color choice  all depends on clients natural color of lips as well as color the client is wanting.  

Once healed, clients will be able to still apply different shades of lip colors is she wants to.  

Lip Blushing always heals much softer.  The lips can appear bright in color when freshly done.  A small needle configuration is used during procedure to keep lips from being too oversaturated in color.  Lip blushing will not give you a bold lipstick look.  A lipstick look can be achieved, but it is recommended to start with lip blushing, and to add more color at an additional touchup to be sure that is the look that you are wanting.  Less is always more.  

Lip Blushing is not meant to make you have larger lips.  If you typically over line your lips to make them appear larger, this cannot be done with lip blushing.  The lip blushing can only go outside of natural lip line up to 1 mm. to simply round out the lips, and to help with any symmetry but not to work in skin containing hair, or pores or a different color or texture of skin.  If you are looking to have larger lips it is recommended that you have lip injections done first, then have your lip blushing done afterwards.  If you need a recommendation for lip injections, we have the perfect referral for you.  

If you have any history of cold sores, you will need to speak with your doctor about an antiviral medication to help prevent an outbreak.  Lip blushing will irritate the lip skin, and can cause you to have an outbreak.  Antiviral medication can help prevent an outbreak from occurring. 

If you have lip injections, or plan on having lip injections, you must wait 4 weeks before or after your initial procedure or touchup appointment. 

It is recommended that you keep your lips moisturized  the week of your appointment.  The day before your appointment, use a lip scrub, or a damp wash cloth to gently exfoliate off any dead skin. We also recommend that you eat before your appointment. Swelling will subside from procedure within 24-48 hours.  Salty, or spicy foods should be avoided in first two days.  Drinking through straws can help also, if lips are sore the first day or two.  

If you have previous permanent makeup on your lips, you will need to send a picture of your lips via text or email before booking a consult or an appointment. 

Your healing process with lips is very fast, as the lips heal the quickest out of any permanent makeup procedure.  It is comparable to having chapped lips for 2-5 days and then its over.  The lips will blossom in and out and shift in color a bit during the first 6 weeks of procedure.  


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Lip Blushing will not replace a full filled topical makeup look once healed.  It is meant to enhance your natural beauty and give you color and shape to your natural lips.  ​​

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