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Christa Nordquist

Hi! I am so glad that you are here! I am Christa, and I am the artist/owner/trainer behind Browhaus Tulsa. My first passion lies with husband of seven years and my two wild but oh so sweet boys who are 6 years old and 18 months old. My second passion started 6 years ago in permanent makeup. I first started my career in improving women’s self confidence when I received my esthetician license in 2013. Fresh out of school, I opened up my own salon. I specialized in brow shaping/tinting waxing and then I heard of permanent makeup. I had no idea the way permanent makeup would completely change my life and shift me into a totally different career path leaving esthetics behind and selling my salon. Over the years, I have gained a huge passion for enhancing your natural beauty with natural approach permanent cosmetics. My goal is to make it so natural that people don’t ask where you got your brows done. In my personal opinion, a softer look is more appealing and approachable. 


Within a year of doing permanent makeup, I started receiving requests from other local artists asking for help.  I soon realized that there was a huge need for fundamental and advanced training in the state of Oklahoma. I also realized that Oklahoma needed more artists with a great skill set that Oklahoma residents and other states can easily have access to.


I am an OSDH certified instructor in Medical Micropigmentation as well as helping established artists further their career in and out of state. Some call me crazy for teaching others that are local my techniques but I think it only helps the Oklahoma permanent makeup industry as a whole!  I get so excited to be a part of others new career change and to see them succeed at it.   I am so proud to say that I have helped 22  fundamental students gain Oklahoma licensure in Medical Micropigmentation. It’s not easy becoming a permanent makeup artist and finding a place to work in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma is the only state that requires you to take a state test, work on 18 models and do 300 hours. To top it all off we have to work under an MD, DO or DDS. 


I am a big believer in continuing education and take at a minimum of 2 advanced courses/workshops a year.  At Browhaus Tulsa, we strive to give Oklahoma the best there is to offer. We want to offer our clients the best techniques that delivers the most beautiful healed results while maintaining  the long term health of your skin.  


I hope you have an amazing experience at Browhaus Tulsa with myself, Sami or Dana.  If you’re still on the fence with getting permanent makeup we would love to meet you at a complimentary consultation. 

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Dana Dawson
artist/ browhaus graduate

Hi, I’m Dana. I’m a licensed permanent makeup artist and esthetician in Oklahoma. I’m also a wife and two sweet little boys call me momma. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma longer ago than I care to admit, I worked in marketing for more than a decade before deciding to dramatically change career paths. I have always been a creative soul with an eye for making things beautiful, whether that be interior design, organization, graphic design, or makeup. After leaving the corporate world, I spent a few years working in a spa on the business side before deciding to move to the service side as an esthetician and along the way decided to train and get my license in medical micropigmentation as well. Turns out, this is the most fun outlet for me and I fell in love with this industry! Beyond my initial training, I’ve completed additional specialized courses in hyper-realistic microblading, color theory, and lip blushing techniques. I’m so excited to further develop my craft and continue to make a positive impact in the lives of my clients, which is by far the most satisfying and rewarding part of this work.


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Kaylie Stanley
artist/esthetician/ browhaus graduate

I am a mom first and foremost to two beautiful daughters. I have been in the beauty industry for 6 years practicing esthetics where I specialize in lash extensions and waxing. Upon starting my new journey into permanent makeup, I have become obsessed to say the least.  I'm committed to giving people the confidence that they want and DESERVE. If I can serve my clients by feeling better through self care and permanent makeup, then I have done my job. Whether its empowerment through conversation or how they feel when they get up from my treatment table, making others feel beautiful is my happy place. If you have questions, or would just like to connect, my inbox is always open.<3

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Gentry Wilson

Browhaus Office Manager 

Gentry's bio is coming soon! 


Gentry has been with Browhaus basically since the beginning! She has a contagious smile and is the backbone to the business and keeps everything running smoothly and seamlessly behind the scenes. Gentry is most likely who you will speak with when you contact us. You will absolutely love and adore Miss Gentry!

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