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Fundamental Training for Oklahoma licensure

Are you a beginner & want to become licensed in the state of Oklahoma in Medical Micropigmentation? Click button to learn more!


Advanced Training

Private 1:1 & Small Group

Are you already licensed within your state but just want to advance your skills? One on one training and small group class is available! Click button to learn more!

At Browhaus Academy, we offer a couple different training programs. Our advanced training courses are for already established/licensed permanent makeup artists within their state. We have had Advanced training students come from all over the U.S. to level up their permanent makeup skills. Private advanced permanent makeup training can be specifically tailored to you based on your needs.  We offer private 1:1 training for ombre powder brows, lip blushing, ombre lip blushing, lash enhancement & smoky/dusty eyeliner techniques. If you don't see many new dates available, please message us so we can get you on the schedule. We also will schedule a few trainings a year for small intimate classes tailored around specific techniques. Our fundamentals training class is specific to Oklahoma licensure as we must follow state laws on the 300 hours required for completion of permanent makeup school for you to be able to do permanent makeup legally within the state of Oklahoma. Permanent makeup licensure in Oklahoma is referred to as Medical Micropigmentation. You must complete an OSDH approved program to be able to apply for licensure in Medical Micropigmentation.  We follow the curriculum guidelines that are mandatory state law and are overseen by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Our program is certified and approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Our fundamental classes have sold out each session. If you are interested in enrolling, please do so ASAP as it is first come first serve.  Once you decide you would like to enroll, you will be required to have a phone consult with Christa to be sure you are a good fit for the program.  Whether you are a brand new aspiring artist or already know what you are doing, I look forward to helping you meet your goals within your permanent makeup career!




I have over 6 years of experience and still see clients weekly.  I have touched thousands of faces. I strongly believe in keeping the mind of a student by continuing education multiple times yearly. Class curriculum is constantly updated and evolving with each new experience to keep each students experience unique and the best that I can offer to date.  


I believe in sharing real & honest experiences so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did in the beginning. Students are lead with strong moral values and I teach the value and importance of safety, sanitation, quality techniques along with teaching students how to ensure a positive memorable experience for each client that trusts them with their face. 


Passion is within my purpose. Sharing that passion with students builds a strong bond within the class being able to share our passion for pmu through experiences and building of character. Not only do i share my passion, but my student kits are the absolute best in the state so that students are ready to start their new careers when they graduate.


 I know that you may still have questions even after you have attended one of my trainings. I regularly stay in contact with past students to be their cheerleader and also a sounding board for when they need any advice or help with anything that comes their way whether thats color choice, shaping, or client management. I have experience in about every possible situation and will most likely be able to help you!

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