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N A N O  B R O W S 

Nano Brows can also be called: Nanoblading, Nanoshading, Precision hair strokes, Machine hair strokes, digital Microblading, or machine microblading.  


Nano brows are a form of cosmetic tattoo that mimics hairlike strokes that are tattooed onto the skin.  Most can recognize the hairlike strokes as Microblading, however, nano brows and microblading are not the same technique.  


How are Microblading and Nano brows different?  


Microblading uses a small hand tool that has a row of tiny needles stacked in front of one another that resemble a “blade”.  The “blade” is first dipped into pigment, then pressed into and pulled across the skin slicing open a small channel the pigment then falls into.  Just like any other tattoo, Microblading must reach the second layer of skin, the dermis, for the pigment to stay.  It is a common misconception that Microblading is semipermanent, and not considered tattoo.  This is very far from the truth.  


Microblading can cause micro scarring and most people are generally not great candidates for microblading.  It is difficult to get the strokes close together as too close will cause them to blur and fatten. Microblading touchups are typically every 12-18 months.  This is where more scarring can be caused as it is far too harsh a technique to perform so frequently.  Also, if your skin isn’t dang near perfect, the strokes are more likely to blur over time.  


Microblading can be beautiful if done on the right skin, and also the right technique when properly spaced.  


Why is Nano Brows a better option for you?


Unlike microblading, nano brows uses a tattoo machine specifically designed for permanent makeup with a single nano needle. 


Nano brows look far more realistic as the nano technique allows placing the strokes close together or even touching without the damage and blurring typical in microblading.  This cannot be done with Microblading.  


Whilst microblading is not great for most skin types, nano brows can be done on all skin types.


The hair strokes from nano brows can look more natural and wispy as the thickness of each hair stroke can be tapered off (like natural hair does). Hairstrokes with the Microblading technique are the same thickness throughout the entire hair stroke.  


You can also blend Nano Hairstrokes with ombre powder to achieve a more polished, blended look that gives you those soft fluffy fronts and a more filled in/defined core, arch and tail.


Need we say more?!

This picture below is during a Microblading procedure. 

It is not unheard of to see a bit of pinprick bleeding during any procedure, but as you can see below, this is more than that.  This is because of the trauma Microblading can cause that we don't agree with offering Microblading as a procedure at our studio.  You would NEVER see this during a ombre powder procedure or nano technique procedure.  If you look to the right of the Microblading strokes, there is a soft backdrop of brown pixelated color.  That is ombre powder done with a machine.  

Microblading is a very popular procedure.  Once the artist learns the patterns, microblading is a very easy procedure.  Most artists don't realize until its too late, years down the road that it doesn't age well, and most artists are transitioning their Microblading clients into ombre powder brows, or Nano brows.  

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