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In order to avoid Excessive bleeding and Poor color deposit:


*Do NOT drink alcohol 24-48 hours before your tattoo.


*Do NOT consume coffee or any caffeine day of your procedure.


*Do not take an aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief, for 24-48 hours before appointment. (this thins the blood), or any blood thinners. Tylenol is fine as it is not a blood thinner. 


*Do not perform electrolysis one week before procedure.


*Do not wax or tint your eyebrows 3 days before procedure.


*Do not tan two weeks prior or have sunburned face.


*Do not have have any type of facial/chemical peel 2 weeks prior to procedure. 


*Do not work out during the healing process Salt is a main ingredient in a form of removal, and our sweat WILL push the pigment out of the skin. Even if you don't think you sweat, you do.  Our bodies must sweat to survive.  This is extremely important and will dramatically effect your brows and how they heal if you do not follow this. 


*Do not have botox 2 before or after initial or touchup appointment. 


*Do not take Omega 3s, NO FISH OIL, DHA (topically or by mouth), St. John's Wart, vitamin A or Vitamin E 4 weeks prior. These are natural blood thinners and will cause you to bleed during the procedure, as well as affect the pigment retention.


***You will Need to STOP using any cleansers or creams that contain exfoliating acids/ingredients containing   SALICYLIC , GLYCOLIC, OCTYL-SALICYLATE, or HYALURONIC, HYALURONATE, LACTIC ACIDS, ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS AND RETINOLS or RETIN-A. Also, no Acne Medications in and around the treatment area for FOUR WEEKS PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT AND TOUCHUP APPOINTMENT.


MANY of the anti aging products contain these and other ingredients that will drastically fade  the tattoo. A few examples would be certain lines from Rodan and Fields, Strivectin, Mary Kay, Skin Medica, SkinCueticals and other Medical Grade skincare, HOWEVER,  these ingredients are found in MANY more and will cause the skin to be extremely irritated  during this procedure and cause poor color retention, bleeding as well as increased fading of the Permanent Makeup. These products should be discontinued from using directly on and around treatment area until After you have healed from your Touchup appointment.

Botox- You will need to wait two weeks before, or two weeks after your injection appointment to book your brow appointment.  If you are overdue for botox, go ahead and do botox before brows. 

If you get your injections regularly, and know that your brow arch and shape is dramatically effected by botox, please have your botox done first, then brows.  

Brow symmetry can be effected greatly by natural muscle movement, and sometimes brows paired with botox is the perfect combination.  

Lip Flip or (lip botox) needs to be done 2 weeks minimum before brow procedure. 

If having lips tattooed- If you are planning on having your lips injected, you must wait for FOUR weeks before booking your lip blushing appointment.  Please keep lips hydrated during the week of your initial procedure and touchup procedure.  The day before your lip blush appointment, gently exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub, or a warm damp washcloth to remove any dead skin.  Chapstick is not a good moisturizer, try to use a good lip moisturizer with oils instead.  Grapeseed oil, or Aquaphor works great.

Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement- No lash growth serum for 4-6 weeks prior to initial appointment and touchup appointment.  Lash Extensions cannot be worn to any eyeliner appointments.  They must be fully removed.  Also, do not wear contacts to your appointment, you will need to wear glasses for 7 days following any eyeliner procedure. 



Using a damp cotton round, gently blot brows to remove any excess lymph through the remainder of the day, every 10 minutes until all excess lymph fluid has been removed.  This is very important, as the lymph (is clear) will build up and form a crust on the eyebrows.  If the lymph builds too thick of a layer, it will also take excess pigment when it falls off naturally.  The dead skin should resemble the thickness of a sunburn peel, not very thick at all. Your brows should not resemble a scab.

Do not take a shower the day of procedure. You can shower the morning of, just preferably not afterwards. 

Before bed on day of procedure, first wash your hands, then gently wash your brows with clean fingertips with warm water.  Make sure to pat dry, and apply a thin layer of After Inked Ointment, unless otherwise given approval for a different aftercare ointment.   

No makeup on forehead area or brows during healing. 

Use a fresh pillowcase on your pillow the first day of healing.  


When you wake up, you must gently cleanse your brows again, and remove any excess lymph. Gently pat dry and apply after ointment.  Be sure to keep checking your brows throughout the day.  If you aren't sure if your brows are still producing lymph take a dry Kleenex and gently press on brows.  If you see any type of fluid at all on the Kleenex, you will need to then take a damp cotton round, and remove excess lymph. Some clients procdue lymph past day 2, so if after day 2, and still producing lymph, keep removing lymph until all of it stops producing.  

Before bed on day 2, you will need to apply ointment once again.  

DAY 3-14

Apply ointment morning and evening, and in between when brows are feeling itchy, or dry and tight. Let them heal on their own, and DO NOT PICK, PULL, RUB OR SCRATCH off your brows. This WILL pull the pigment off completely, and can cause scarring.  


No tanning for four weeks after procedure, and no direct sun exposure for 2 weeks.  

No saunas, hot tubs, swimming, for two weeks after procedure.  

No exfoliating, or acidic skincare/ Retinols of any kind for 4 weeks following your procedure.  

Do not work out for up to 14 days after your procedure. You cannot work out until all dead skin has fallen off naturally.  

Do not apply makeup on forehead until area until all dead skin has fallen off. 

It is normal for color to blossom in and out for up to 3 weeks after procedure.  Lifestyle can dramaticaly effect the outcome of your brows as well as the canvas that is being worked on.  If the canvas (your skin) is compromised, 

Do not get attached to the darkness of the brows 2 days after the procedure.  This color will fade, and you need to have realistic expectations, that your brow color will fade up to 30 %. The color rests in the second layer of skin. When the color is fresh, it has freshly been deposited into skin and is sitting in the top layer that will also exfoliate away.  

Touch ups can be no sooner than 8-10 weeks from initial procedure.