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Nanoshading technique is also a very popular request. This advanced technique integrates nano brows and powder brows. You will have a customized look designed to fit your face. This depends on which areas you are wanting to focus on appearing more natural.  The hair strokes can be in front only, or throughout the brow on the top and bottom.  The design of this brow also depends on where you have natural hair.  This can all be discussed during the consultation that is built into your initial appointment. 

Looks best on clients with some natural brow hair to allow for a smooth transition.  

Not recommended for clients with super coarse brow hair 

Ideal skin types:

Ideal for most skin types

If you have extremely oily skin, we recommend only doing powder without the nano hairstrokes. 

If you have extremely sensitive skin, you may not be the best candidate for this procedure.

If you have previous powder brows, permanent makeup from another artist, you will need to send a picture via email or text message before booking a consult, or appointment. 

Phone: 9182068803


Hybrid/Combo Brows WILL NOT replace filling in your brows, so don't ditch your eyebrow makeup.  

It all depends on your preferred look, so if you like a super bold brow, you may still find that applying topical makeup on top of your permanent makeup is going to give you that effect. 

Topical makeup will always appear darker and bolder than permanent makeup resting in the second layer of skin, that has to shine through the first layer of skin.  ​

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