This eyeliner treatment is a favorite.  It includes Lash enhancement with a soft shaded dusty wing.  This look is for anyone that desires a lifted look to their entire face. It is also soft and beautiful once healed, and you will not feel as if you need to apply more makeup to your face to match your permanent makeup.  

This look is best for clients with not many visible capillaries in eyelid.  A consult in person may be necessary if a picture that cannot be seen clearly.  

Mature eyelids, with excess skin folds would not be a good candidate.

If you wear contacts, you will need to be able to wear glasses for a week during healing process.  You will also not be able to have on lash extensions for initial or touchup procedure.  

For a week or two, you will not be able to wear mascara, eyeliner, or any other eye makeup during healing process.  


If you have eyeliner or lash enhancement tattoo by another artist you must first have approval from Christa by sending a makeup free picture of eyes open and closed via text to 918-206-8803 

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